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Recycling PET bottles into multifunctional panels.

We believe that sustainability should not impair performance. When it comes to mechanical properties, ease of use and durability, our panels can hold their own amongst the traditional competitors. 

REPEAT Materials® offers specialized panels for every application. Thin and flexible, stiff and self-supporting or even pre-equipped with plumbing or electrics. 

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Circular: from PET to Panels (and back)

At REPEAT Materials®, we break with the traditional, linear pattern:  ''take-make-use-dispose''. Instead, we design our panels to fit into the innovative circular pattern: "recycle-use-repeat". 

Our REPEAT Materials® contain only PET, meaning  they can be recycled as easily as a plastic bottle. Even better, discarded panels are simply recycled into the next batch of panels!

Minimal CO2 footprint

Our method uses recycled and recyclable panels with ‘circular’ principles, where resources are not wasted, but reused. Combined with short supply lines and local production, this allows for the lowest possible CO2 footprint. 

The carbon footprint of REPEAT Materials® panels is at least 80% lower than competing products.

Repeat Materials

About REPEAT Materials®

We are REPEAT Materials.  A young, dynamic and energetic team of enthusiastic professionals. We combine our backgrounds in aerospace engineering, material science and sustainable development to contribute to a more sustainable future. 

We are dedicated to sustainable innovation and eager to get to know you!

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