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Recycling PET bottles into shower floors and panels.

We believe that sustainability should not impair performance. When it comes to mechanical properties, ease of use and durability, our panels can hold their own amongst the traditional competitors. 

REPEAT Materials® offers specialized panels for every application. Thin and flexible, stiff and self-supporting or even pre-equipped with plumbing or electrics. 

REPEAT Materials lightweight shower floor

Material Circularity Index

Dismantability Index V2.0 

Product Circularity Index (PCI) 

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At REPEAT Materials®, we break with the traditional, linear pattern:  ''take-make-use-dispose''. Instead, we design our panels to fit into the innovative circular pattern: "recycle-use-repeat". 

Our REPEAT Materials® contain only PET, meaning  they can be recycled as easily as a plastic bottle. Even better, discarded panels are simply recycled into the next batch of panels!

Our showerfloors.

At REPEAT Materials®, we offer specialized panels for every application. However, one of our focus points from the start lies in the bathroom space. More especially silicone-free showerfloors, perfect use for REPEAT Materials®. We present you three main collections, but for the adventurous ones, we can go completely custom as well.

Our wall panels.

Our typical wall panels are 14 mm thick, extremely strong and completely waterproof. Place them directly against your metal stud, wooden framework or even above existing tiling without any problems.

The wall panels also feature an easy connection system, allowing panels to be connected faultlessly and watertight. Thanks to the strategic use of skirting boards and corner profiles, considerable tolerances can be created in the sizing, ideal for renovation work!


Each REPEAT Materials® shower tray has at least 75% recycled PET from local post-consumer waste, reducing environmental impact.

Our products, made entirely of PET, can be recycled like plastic bottles. Discarded trays can be recycled into new ones without quality loss, simply by shredding, melting, and reusing.


Thanks to the solid PET shell, REPEAT Materials® shower floors are surprisingly strong. PET offers excellent resistance to impact damage and temperature shocks, the primary causes of cracks and fractures in shower floors.

Light & Ergonomic.

Thanks to the lightweight PET foam core, our shower floors are incredibly easy to install. A REPEAT Materials® floor weighs about half as much as a solid surface or composite stone floor of the same dimensions. This makes even the larger floors perfectly manageable and easy to install by just one person.

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