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Our structures.

At REPEAT Materials®, we offer specialized panels for every application. The basis for all our panels is rPET. Strong, tough and waterproof rPET is ideal for heavy-duty panels. We further improve this with our patented sandwich construction, making the panels lightweight, stiff and dimensionally stable.

To give our sandwich panels the desired look and feel, we finish it with a coloured PET foil. This foil is scratch resistant, anti-fingerprint and highly durable. Just because a REPEAT panel is made from trash, doesn’t mean it has to look like trash!

Despite the wide variety in appearance and properties, every single layer in a REPEAT panel is PET based. The colourful toplayer, the strong sheets and the light foam are just different forms of the same material. This means recycling can be done without any separating or sorting, simply shred the discarded panel and start over!

SampleStack.11 met tekst.jpg

Our showerfloors.

At REPEAT Materials®, we offer specialized panels for every application. However, one of our focus points from the start lies in the bathroom space. More especially silicone-free showerfloors, perfect use for REPEAT Materials®. We present you three main collections, but for the adventurous ones, we can go completely custom as well.


Everything is possible.

We have standard designs, but we can also provide customized decors, which can be designed with our design team. 


Explore some inspiring examples below.

Get creative with Repeat Materials and show the world the options of recycled materials.
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