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At REPEAT Materials®, we offer specialized panels for every application. The basis for all our panels is rPET. Strong, tough and waterproof rPET is ideal for heavy-duty panels. We further improve this with our patented sandwich construction, making the panels lightweight, stiff and dimensionally stable.


To give our sandwich panels the desired look and feel, we finish it with a coloured PET foil. This foil is scratch resistant, anti-fingerprint and highly durable. Just because a REPEAT panel is made from trash, doesn’t mean it has to look like trash!

To simplify your bathroom renovations, we also offer pre-sloped shower bases. Of course, these bases are also constructed from strong, tough and waterproof rPET, and are 100% recyclable.

Despite the wide variety in appearance and properties, every single layer in a REPEAT panel is PET based. The colourful toplayer, the strong sheets and the light foam are just different forms of the same material. This means recycling can be done without any separating or sorting, simply shred the discarded panel and start over!

High impact resistance

Circular product with easy recycling

Flex panel Repeat panels

Strong and stable panels

Made from recycled PET


To ensure you always have the right panel for the job, we have developed three kinds of REPEAT panels: The Flex, Rigid and Rigid+ Panels. Each panel offers our typical environmental benefits, but was designed with a different application in mind. Discover them below!


Are none of our panels a perfect fit for your project? Do not hesitate to contact us, we are always looking to learn, maybe you can help us develop the perfect solution to your problem!

Flex panel PET panel bathroom


The Flex Panels are ideal for applications where stiffness is a drawback. Whether you want to bend and curve the panel, or simply do not need a stiff, self-supporting panel, the Flex Panels are you best choice. Strategically removing a layer creates a much lighter, more flexible and low cost version of the REPEAT panels.

Available in 3 mm and 8 mm, other thicknesses on demand.

Rigid panel repeat PET panel


The Rigid Panels are the jack-of-all-trade-panels. Stiff and light-weight, they are perfect for self-supporting applications. Whether you want to create furniture, build interior walls or even shower pods, the Rigid Panel is your best choice. Built around a strong sandwich core, and finished on one or both sides, the applications are endless.

Available in 14, 25 and 40 mm, other thicknesses on demand.

Renovation PET panel Repeat


The Rigid+ Panels are our specialist panels. The additional layer of rPET foam is developed to house plumbing, cabling or other technical element. Whether you want to create prefabricated wall elements, or simply make electrical installations simpler, the Rigid+ Panels are your best choice.

Available in 48 mm, other thicknesses on demand


Browse through our colours and find the perfect fit for your application. The next-generation PET surfaces Marble colours from REPEAT Materials® are made from 100% recycled and recyclable top sheets from PET. The printing is done on a water base for an even lower carbon footprint.


All our plain colours are anti-fingerprint, to prevent those greasy fingers from leaving a mark on your panel.

Shower Floors

To help you create the most sustainable bathroom possible, we have developed tileable, rPET shower bases. These shower bases are pre-sloped, lightweight and have excellent impact resistance. The bottom of these bases is reinforced with a thin layer of solid rPET, for an even stronger and stiffer base. 

These shower bases are a lightning fast and simple solution for tiled shower floors. No need for complex sloped mortar subfloors. This saves not only a lot of work, but also waiting for the mortar to cure. Simply cut to shape, glue down, apply the liner and start tiling!

We offer three kinds of shower bases: the Central drain, Corner drain and Line drain bases. Each of these bases comes as a 1200 x 1200 mm panel, but they can easily be cut to fit your desired space. For the Line drain base, a 1200 x 1200 mm flat extension is also available, allowing for a long, luxurious walk-in shower.



Perfect for traditional shower layouts. Thanks to the oversized dimensions and easy cutting, the central drain creates a lot of flexibility as to the final drain location.



Perfect for corner or smaller shower layouts. With the drain moved to the corner, most of the shower pan is one large unobstructed area.



This base has been designed for walk-in showers. One large surface, sloping to one edge, where an elegant line drain can be used.


If needed, the 1200 mm long shower base can be extended with another 1200 mm of unsloped shower base. 

Development partner wanted

Are you interested in becoming a development partner, with the prospect of exclusive use of the innovative material? 

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