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How the benefits of 'circular bathrooms' are reaching a wider audience

elk® groep shares their experience with REPEAT Materials®

When it comes to tackling the climate emergency, it is not just about our day-to-day energy-saving and water-saving behavior, such as taking shorter showers and fewer baths. It’s also about ensuring that our construction efforts are driven toward sustainable building. Today you have the opportunity to make a difference to the planet with your property development choices. In this blog post, REPEAT Materials® client (elk® groep) shares their experiences and expectations of ‘circular bathrooms’, and explains where they see the advantages.

elk® groep and REPEAT Materials®

elk® groep is a modern family business in real estate maintenance and renovation. Soon the first residents of elk® groep construction projects will shower in a circular bathroom made from recycled PET bottles. This is the result of a collaboration between elk® groep and REPEAT Materials®! elk® groep started their search for new circular materials and construction methods more than a year ago, challenged by housing association Mooiland. The starting point was: “how can we renovate existing homes in a sustainable, circular way, which is affordable and limits the nuisance for residents”.

Two pilot bathrooms have already been realized, in Nijmegen and Haps. The bathrooms are made with REPEAT Materials® panels, that are waterproof and consist of 99% PET material, whereof 75% is recycled PET. For one bathroom, approximately 6900 PET bottles are recycled. With this innovation elk® groep wants to give an impulse to the environmental impact of the renovation task in the construction industry.


Innovation from the hotel and cruise industry

elk® groep explains: ‘For innovation it is useful to get off the beaten track, in order to gain new insights. This brought us in contact with REPEAT Materials®. REPEAT Materials® is a supplier of circular materials, with years of experience in realizing prefab bathrooms for the hotel- and cruise-industry. Working in these industries requires speed, affordability and high quality. The knowledge and experience of REPEAT Materials®, combined with our knowledge and experience in renovation in the building industry turned out to be a perfect match’.


Maximum social impact with minimum environmental impact

elk® groep continues: ‘Together we looked for the right system for renovating existing buildings. The cost of this innovative system is comparable with a traditional bathroom renovation. An important advantage is that the assembly is much more simple and that specialists such as tilers and plasterers are no longer needed. This shortens the duration of the renovation from eight to two days. A major advantage is that this method causes much less nuisance for the residents. And maybe just as important, the panels are completely detachable and reusable’.

'Low cost, simple assembly, short duration of the renovation, less nuisance for residents and detachable and reusable panels, REPEAT Materials® turned out to be a perfect match' - elk® groep

Visit the circular bathroom at the elk® experience in Nijmegen

At REPEAT Materials®, we are excited to be part of this revolution in bathroom building! Our partnership with elk® groep leads to a perfect blend of knowledge and experience, resulting in this wonderful application of our circular products. We could not imagine a better partner for this adventure! Of course we are grateful and proud that Mooiland is making the move towards more sustainable solutions. In an industry that is wary of change, Mooiland embraces innovation for a better future!

Have you become curious about the PET bottles bathroom? Visit the elk® experience in Nijmegen and experience for yourself what the bathroom of the future will look like!

Note: Read elk® groep experiences with REPEAT Materials® in the news post on their website in Dutch here.


Do you want to have REPEAT Materials® circular products in your next project?

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