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The construction industry needs strong, reliable building materials. Often these materials have a high environmental impact, while their sustainable alternatives simply do not perform as well. At REPEAT Materials, we offer the best of both worlds. Our panels are high performance building materials, are low-cost and have a low environmental impact. We achieved this by combining traditional engineering with innovative circular manufacturing processes.



We are REPEAT Materials.  A young, dynamic and energetic team of enthusiastic professionals. We combine our backgrounds in aerospace engineering, material science and sustainable development to contribute to a more sustainable future. - keep part about biggest challenges en Dedication?


80% of products environmental impacts are determined at the design phase, and the linear pattern is still ''take-make-use-dispose''. The company REPEAT Materials was founded to contribute to a more circular building environment because we aim to contribute to a more sustainable future. The best way to predict the future is to design it.


We do this by offering competitive, circular alternatives to traditional building materials, by combining traditional engineering with state of the art circular manufacturing processes. The same performance at a greatly reduced environmental impact.


Our method uses recycled and recyclable panels with ‘circular’ principles, where resources are not wasted. We are a leading sustainable recycled and recyclable rPET panels supplier that offers the construction industry a sustainable and reliable material to build with. We want to prove that sustainable alternatives can be competitive (in price and performance).

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Beautiful in its simplicity. A unique and unseen building panel. Made from at least 75% recycled PET waste, every layer is a different form of the same material. No need to separate layers, recycling has never been this easy. Discarded panels and cutting waste are simply turned into new panels. Get a reliable sustainable building material that is recycled effortlessly. Simply awesome.  


Enhance your life. Be a pioneer of sustainability. REPEAT Materials is a reliable sustainable recycled and recyclable PET panels supplier that contribute to a more circular economy. Keep sustainable code requirements and acquire green building label certificates. Valuable from beginning to end. 


No need for diamond drillbits, custom sawblades or complicated training. Our panels are easy and straight-forward to work with. The high impact resistance and toughness of rPET make our panels very forgiving, allowing even the least experienced to work with them. (Take it up a notch and simply heat up our panels to curve and bend them!)


Worth the difference. (Easy installation, easy maintance.) Discover our connection profiles for lightning fast installation. These hidden profiles automatically align the panels and create an immediate and strong connection. No need for screws, bolts or glue. 



Exceptional value. A competitive, circular alternative to traditional building materials. Sustainability should not be more expensive. The same cost and performance at a greatly reduced environmental impact. Our reputation goes with it. (wat bedoel je met die laatste?)



Feel the quality. Strong, tough and waterproof recycled-PET is ideal for heavy-duty panels. The sandwich construction, gives you lightweight, stiff and dimensionally stable panels. Never looked so good. 


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